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March 21, 2015
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August 19, 2015

Yayasan Kelab-Kelab Rotary Malaysia Coordinators’ Meeting

Yayasan Kelab-Kelab Rotary Malaysia (Yayasan) held a Coordinators’ Meeting on 16th May, 2015.

Programs for the day includes:

  1. Introduction and Brief History of Yayasan Kelab-Kelab Rotary Malaysia – by PDG Lim Kok Beng
  2. Role as a Yayasan Coordinator – by PDG Datuk Zainie Aucasa
  3. Fund Raising & Recognitions – by PDG Dr. Joseph Rajendran
  4. Disaster Relief & New Generations Grants – by PDG Datuk Dr. N Lakshmanan
  5. Support Grants & Project Partnerships – by PDG Lim Kok Beng

To further the object of Rotary by supporting and supplementing the efforts of Rotary Clubs in Malaysia to better serve the community in poverty alleviation, education, health, humanitarian and disaster relief programs – Mission Statement of Yayasan.

The main objective of the meeting was to explain the role of coordinators and how the coordinators can help Yayasan grow stronger, bolder and bigger.

Incoming DG Siti gave a talk about her ideas on how to grow Yayasan as the closing remark of the meeting.

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