August 19, 2015
February 24, 2017

RYLA 2014 Report

Dear Rotarians,

RYLA 2014 Logo ResizedI am happy to report that the recently concluded RYLA 2014 saw 94 participants from 32 Rotary Clubs in the District having a gruelling time of training over 4 days in AIMST University. Under the inspiring leadership of Organising Chairman, Dr PK Rajesh, the organising team from RCBSP, R.E.D. Association of AIMST and AIMST University, as well as 20 facilitators from the various clubs in the district ran a tight ship at RYLA. The young people ran the programs with minimal interference from, us Rotarians.

They managed to whip up the excitement of the young leaders entrusted to us. Thank you for sending enthusiastic people who truly did justice to the name “RYLA-rians”.

The committee went to great lengths to ensure the objectives of RYLA in the areas of Leadership, Inspiration and Service. We sought to inspire leaders with an attitude of service. Speakers include Rotarians like PP Christopher Pressling, PP Dato’ Dr Siva Ananthan, PP Sarjit Singh and Rotarian Ken de Haan. All received rave reviews by the RYLA-rians, who were thirsty for more.

Besides Rotarians, prominent speakers included YAM Tunku Zain of Negeri Sembilan, supermodel Amber Chia, accomplished surgeon cum artist Dr Neoh Chin Boon and SP’s fitness guru, Bryant Tan. Also, the residents of Happy Retirement Home, SP Nursing Home and Children’s Home of Ashramam Gurumatha taught them lessons in community service; without speaking. AIMST University faculty members provided the RYLA-rians a glimpse of medical student life with their tour of the Faculty of Medicine.

The Tandop Camp team made them work out their leadership and teamwork in practice and literally, on the ground. RYLA-rians took to the challenge whole-heartedly, in spite of the rain.

May I add that due to the hazard of leptospirosis, activities at Tandop Camp was at risk of being cancelled. However, the organizing committee and SADA (the Kedah water authority) came to the rescue with treated water for the camp.

Last but not least, RYLA-rians learned from each other, as each had his own her strengths and challenges.

At the end, everyone was exhausted yet wished for more.

Yet the end of RYLA is just the beginning. RYLA-rians are expected to go back to their clubs and share their experiences as well as work with their club of a project, demonstrating Leadership, Inspiration and Service and report back together with an assessment by their sponsoring club, which will be assessed for the honour of the RYLA award itself. This is to align with the RYLA theme “Dream Big and Make it Happen”. Hence, they will need to go back their respective clubs and “Make it Happen”

The clubs should be proud of their respective RYLA-rians and continue to inculcate and inspire values of service-oriented leadership in these young people.

Dr. Bernard Chan
Rotary Club of Bandar Sungai Petani
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