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December 16, 2012
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Disaster Relief – Kuantan Flood Relief for Residence of Kg Galing

27th December 2012
PP Dato Rizal Al-Amin
Disaster Relief & Disaster Relief Box Committee Yayasan Kelab-kelab Rotary Malaysia (ROTAFOM) R.I. District 3300,

Dear PP Dato Rizal,

Disaster Relief Box Distribution in Group 12, Kuantan on 25th Dec 2012

Greetings from the Rotary Club of Indera Mahkota.

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for the immediate approval on 24th December for our request for the Disaster Relief Box Distribution to be carried out in Kuantan.

In morning of 24th of December 2012, Kuantan town was hit by the worst flood ever in past 20 years. The water rose so fast that many families were affected. Residence of Kg Galing, which is situated along Sungai Galing of Kuantan loss their almost all their belonging as the water was almost 1.5mtr high in their house.
By 10.00 am, the residences of Kg Galing were evacuated to S.K Galing by the authority. The evacuation team and Relief Center was caught unprepared due to the rate of flood. Most of the essential items such as food, drinking water, towel, hygienic items, clothe etc are not available.

Our club immediately contacted the Group 12 DR Box Coordinator, PP Wong Ming Hui and seeks for DR Box Distribution to be held. As many of our own Rotarians were also affected by the flood, we called for an ad-hoc meeting by 9.00 am on 25th December 2012 to arrange for the flood relief work. By 10.00am, 11 Rtns, namely PP Padman Nair, PP Dato Harbajan Singh, Rtn Edwin Lee, PP Ganesh, PP Ming Hui, PP Vadivel, PP Kah Keong, PP Sandra, Rtn Selvakumar, Rtn Petew Aw and I went to SK Galing to assess the situation.

We met the Flood Relief Officer in-charge, En Ravi and were informed that there were already 350 evacuees registered at the center and more to come. We gather the information on the essential needs required by them. A list of items was highlighted by En Ravi to us. By 11.30am, all of us went to Nirvana Supermarket and purchase the essential items and manage to deliver all the items to SK Galing Relief centre by 2.00pm.
We must mention that we did not purchase the items as per the recommended list given by DR Box Committees as some of the items were not required urgently. We also did not pack the items in individual box for each family because of the nature of the Relief center where they have a common hall to collect items needed to them by the family. All the items were buy in bulks and distributed to victims on need basis. This way, we were able to optimize the fund provided by ROTAFOM and minimize wastage.

With the aid provided by ROTAFOM, we manage to response to the Flood Victim within 28 hours after the flood begin. The victims were indeed grateful for the fast response provided by Rotary.

Please find attached the following documents
Attachment 1: Name list and particulars of flood victims
Attachment 2: List and quantities of items supplied
Attachment 3: Receipt of purchase from Nirvana Supermarket

Please also find attached some photos taken during the distribution of the DR Box.

We hereby provide you, Dato’ with our Club bank account details for reimbursement purpose.
Name of Account : Rotary Club of Indera Mahkota
Bank : CIMB
Bank Account no : 06040000209108

We thank you once again for the great support provided by ROTAFOM @ DR BOX and all its sponsors.

Yours in Rotary,
Rizal Bin Chek Hashim President 2012/2013

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