To further the object of Rotary by supporting and supplementing the efforts of Rotary Clubs in Malaysia to better serve the community in poverty alleviation, education, health, humanitarian and disaster relief programs.


  1. To be a foundation known to and supported by all Rotarians and Rotary club in Malaysia.
  2. To support and supplement the funding needs of the district and Rotary clubs in their projects and activities.
  3. Participate in humanitarian and educational projects that will enhance the public image of Rotary in Malaysia.

Board of Trustees of YKKRM – 2022-07-01

Position D3310 D3300
Fund raising PDG Dtk Zainie Abdul Aucasa PDG Dr Paul C K Lee
Publication & Newsletter PDG Dtk Zainie Abdul Aucasa Rtn Yasmin Yusof
Public Relations,
Publicity, Homepage
PDG Andre Suharto
PDG Leslie Salehuddin
Project Partnership PP Jeremy Tiong PDG Leslie Salehuddin
Youth Activities PP Foo Kok Hing PDG Teoh Kwan Swee
Community Assistance Grant PDG Philip Chong PP Ananda Pillai
Appr & Recognition & Lioh Cheng Lim Education Grant PP Ng Yaw Hwa PDG Dr R T Arasu
Women Empowerment Grant PDG Dolly Yeap PDG Kirenjit Kaur
Coordinators &
Malam Malaysia
PP Abbas Ezzi PDG Kirenjit Kaur
Bursary Program PDG Philip Chong        -------------------
Edward Khoo Club Project Assistance Grant    ------------------------ Teoh Kwan Swee


  1. Establish and informative and functional website to disseminate information about Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia.
  2. Publish an online Newsletter to provide information and create awareness of Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia.
  3. Establish an accurate data base of contributions to Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia.
  4. Recognising contributors promptly and properly to encourage contributions.
  5. Undertake a significant educational project with Rotary club to help provide a focus for Rotary in Malaysia and improve our public image.
  6. Streamlining the administration of Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia to keep approval time for grant application to as short as possible


The idea of a Rotary District 330 Foundation was initiated by District Governor Dr. Philbert S S Chin of the Rotary Club of Singapore in 1983/84. It was incorporated as a company limited by share capital On 24 September 1985 with the following as directors.

Chairman: Tan Sri Dato’ Abdul Jamil Rais, PDG.
Dr. Philbert S. S. Chin, PDG
Dato Keshmahinder Singh, PDG
Dato’ Balwant Singh, PDG

Tan Sri Dato Jamil Rais as the most senior PDG was elected the founding chairman. PDG Dr. Philbert Chin resigned on 30 September 1991 when the RI District 330 was split into two districts.

When District 330 was split by Rotary International into two districts – D3300 and D3310, Rotary District 330 Foundation was split into Rotary Foundation Singapore and Rotary Foundation Malaysia. On 14 November 1991 Rotary Foundation Malaysia (ROTAFOM) was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee to serve all Rotary Clubs in Malaysia. (including Malaysian Rotary Clubs in District D3310). The Rotary Clubs in Singapore formed the Foundation of Rotary Clubs (Singapore) Ltd.

The process of splitting the Rotary District 330 Foundation involves agreement on the following:

  1. Rotary Foundation Malaysia retaining all the money of the Rotary District 330 Foundation.
  2. There will be two representatives on the Board of Trustees of Rotary Foundation Malaysia.
The first Board of Trustees of Rotary Foundation Malaysia were:
Chairman: Dato’ Dr. Keshmahinder Singh, PDG
Members: Dato’ Balwant Singh, PDG
Tuan Hj. Mustapha Ma, PDG
Secretary & Treasurer: Beh Lye Huat, PDG.
Legal Adviser: Luous Cheah Beng Poh.

On 12 December 1997 the Foundation was renamed Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia. The Board of Trustees of the Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia were:

Chairman: PDG Dato’ Keshmahinder Singh
Trustees: PDG Willaim Ng Jit Thye
PDG Dato’ Balwant Singh
PDG Tuan Hj Mustapha Ma
PDG Erican Ramasamy (D3310)
PDG Lee Keng Bin
PDG John Wang Gan Sie
DG David Ho Kwong Choong
DG M. Jayasingam

Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia is administered by a Board of Trustees with a maximum of 15 Trustees elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting. The Board of Trustees elect a Chairman who can serve for a maximum of three years. The Trustees can serve for a maximum of six years.

There are currently 132 Rotary Clubs in Malaysia with 84 Rotary Clubs in District 3300 and 46 Malaysian Rotary Clubs (excluding Singapore & Brunei) in District 3310. A current or past Trustee is in charge of a group. A Co-ordinator is appointed in each group to work with the Trustee.

The Board of Trustees meet approximately at three months interval. In between Board meetings a Working Group with membership mainly from Trustees residing in the Klang Valley meet at regular interval or when the need arise to attend to the administration of the foundation and make proposals on outstanding issues for the approval of the Board. All Trustees are invited to Group meetings and minutes of the meetings are circulated to all Trustees.

The Administration and Finance Committee meets monthly to deal with the finances of the foundation.


Tan Sri joined the Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur in 1956 and served as the club President in 1965-66.

Tan Sri was elected to serve as District Governor of District 330 in 1975-76.

Tan Sri was elected the Founding Chairman of the original District 330 Foundation which was later renamed Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia following the split of District 330 into District 3300 and District 3310.

The recognition of all contributions of RM2,500.00 to Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia are named as Jamil Rais Fellows (JRF)