Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia provides emergency disaster relief to victims of natural and other disasters that occur in Malaysia. The past practice of disbursing a sum of money for distribution to victims of these disaster have been found to be not practical and difficult to administer.

The Rotary Club of Bernam Valley initiated the concept of a Disaster Relief, DR Box as a means of delivering quick relief to victims of natural and other disaster. The Rotary Club of Bernam Valley has invited Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia to be involved in the project, which the Board of Trustees had accepted.

The ROTAFOM Board of Trustee had also authorise the Trustee in Charge of Emergency Disaster Relief a sum of cash which he can approved when there is a need.


The Rotary Disaster Relief, DR, Box is a large plastic box that contains basic necessities needed by disaster victims. The contents of each Rotary DR Box is worth about RM 200.00.

The standard content of the DR Box is listed below. It can be varied on request, to suit the needs of the victims. The DR Box currently carries the acknowledgement of Sun Media and the Porsche Club that donated RM 50,000.00 each for this project.

The plastic box and the contents of the DR Boxes are supplied and packed by a supermarket or store of choice in the location of the Co-Ordinator.


  1. The Board of Trustees have divided Rotary District 3300 and Rotary District 3310 in Malaysia into 17 Groups.
  2. One or more Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia Co-ordinators have been appointed in each of these Groups.
  3. The co-ordinating of Disaster Relief using the DR Box is one of the duties of the Co-ordinators.
  4. The Grouping of your Rotary Club and the Co-ordinator for the Group is listed.

Procedure to secure DR Box

  1. Identify a supermarket or store (Gaint, Tesco, KK Mart, Mydin, 99 Speedmart etc) of your choice in your location. Work out payment arrangement and delivery assistance. Ideally have a staff assigned to this project.
  2. Prepare a list of contents for the DR Box. The cost is RM200.00 per box. Use existing list as a guide. To include clothings and schooling need in the list.
  3. Inform the Trustee in charge of your choice and arrangements made.
  4. Workout a payment arrangement between the supplier, Treasurer and Trustee in charge.
  5. Club President(s) working with Co-Ordinator to work out estimated need based on past experience.
  6. Establish contact with District Office and other disaster relief agency in the location to obtain their assistance and share their experiences. Form your emergency disaster action team now.
  7. In the event of a natural disaster submit your request either by telephone to either one or both of the following.
    a.) PP Dato’ Mohamed Rizal Al-Amin Tun Haji Sardon
    Tel: 6012-297 8197
    Email: rsardon@gmail.com

    b.) PDG David Ho Kwong Choong
    Tel: 6012-283 6894
    Email: davidhopj@gmail.com

    You should get an immediate approval
  8. Request supermarket you have selected to immediately pack the boxes.
  9. Paste the DR Box label on the boxes
  10. Deliver the DR Boxes directly to the victim with the assistance of the Disaster Relief and DR Box Committee, Rotary Club(s) in the area and the supplier.
  11. Our target is for the DR Box to be delivered between 24 hours to 3 days of the occurrence of a natural disaster
  12. Submit a report including the name and other available personal details of recipient and photographs to Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia on completion of the project.