Message from Chairman, Yayasan Kelab-kelab Rotary Malaysia

Dated 1 July 2022

My fellow Rotarians,

We are now in the middle of the calendar year, but we are at the beginning of a new Rotary Year starting on 1 July. We wish to place on records the advice and contributions of our two Governors namely Datuk Bindi from D3300 and Dolly Yeap from D3310. DG Datuk Bindi will step down as Trustee as per our M&A but DG Dolly Yeap shall continue as per request from D3310 for another year as the next DG from D3310 is not a Malaysian and thus cannot be a Trustees of YKKRM. Thank you, Governors, for your labour of love which I am sure you will cherish and remember for the rest of you lives.

As we look back over the one year, we mourn the loss of two Past Trustees’ Chair namely PDG Lee Keng Bin and PDG David Ho as well as just recently PDG Lioh Cheng Lim. Our late PDG Lioh was not only an Arch Klumph Chair Circle member with a contribution of over one million USD but also a YKKRM Major Patron Chair Circle member with contribution of over RM300,000.

In appreciation of the tremendous contribution and in memory of our dear PDG Lioh, we have initiated the PDG Lioh Cheng Lim Education Assistance Grant. This grant unlike the other few is open to all Rotary Clubs in Malaysia. It will be for any project concerning education. The funding matrix is RM5,000 on a JRF signed up and RM10,000 upon 2 JRFs or one Patron.

On our Board of Trustees, D3310 has a full complement of 6 Trustees but D3300 has one vacancy to replace late PDG Lioh Cheng Lim. The revised table showing the list of Trustees and the Grants each is responsible is attached.

We had been actively promoting our YKKRM through our talks. A power point presentation of YKKRM is also available for the Trustees and Coordinators to share YKKRM with the clubs. Please invite any of the Trustees or Coordinators to speak at your club.

We now have a good complement of YKKRM Grants to assist our clubs. We have the :-
a. Community Assistance Grant
b. PP Edward Khoo Club Project Assistance Grant
c. Women’s Empowerment Project Grant
d. PDG Lioh Cheng Lim Education Assistance Grant

On the grant application, kindly note that a Club project should not have more than one YKKRM Grant support. Clubs are also not advised to apply multiple projects under the same grant.

I thank you all for your support of YKKRM and I look forward to more collaboration and cooperation.

With best wishes.