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23rd March 2019, 8:45

Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia was proud to be part of the Peacebuilders Conference organised by Rotary District 3300 ,Malaysia in JW Marriot KL on the 23rd March 2019. ...

10th March 2019, 8:53

Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia conducted its Coordinators Training Seminar on the 9th & 10 th March 2019 . Thank you to all Coordinators that made the time to attend a thought provoking and interesting session not to mention an oppurtunity for some good fellowship ! Well done Coordinators and Trustees! ...

10th March 2019, 7:56


13th December 2018, 11:32

An evening of Friendship and Appreciation..Thank you to everyone who made it happen...We did it together! ...

9th December 2018, 9:06

We did it!

We went on with "Our Malam Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia (YKKRM)" on the 8th December 2018 which was held at The Federal Bukit Bintang!

When something is important enough as ensuring that we gave our best to you-the Organising Commitee of "Our Malam YKKRM" came together and decided to continue with the programme for all the Contributors and Well Wishers that had come together to support Our Malam YKKRM

The credit goes to all those generous Rotarians and Contributors and Supporters of YKKRM who had been amazing despite all the negative rumors of bad traffic in the City due to the "Anti Icerd" Rally, to come and join us at The Federal.You were simply awesome!!

The Chairman and all Trustees of YKKRM as well as all members of the Organising Commitee are very appreciative of all the support and efforts that each of you took to attend "Our Malam YKKRM". It was a truly a satisfying evening for us to see Rotarians from all parts of Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak and even Singapore that that made it for the evening! Thank you!

Thank you DG Dr Baskaran of D3300 and DG Henry Tan of D3310 for representing Rotarians from both Districts at Our Malam YKKRM. and recognising their contributions together with Chairman Datuk George! You made it even more special!

Thank you to all generous Contributors, Jamil Rais Fellows, Patrons and Major Patrons that had generously given to YKKRM. Since our announcement for organising "Our Malam YKKRM" came out on the 9th November and at the time of our event we have raised RM 69,750 from your kind contributions.

YOU made it possible !

Thank you for giving us in YKKRM an opportunity to have a wonderful evening with you and to appreciate the wonderful work that we do together.

To all YKKRM Coordinators, we hope that you will be able to reach out and together make YKKRM more involved in more Rotary Clubs in Malaysia!

To the Rotary Clubs of Ampang,Kuala Lumpur West 2016 and Sri Petaling and the individual Rotarians that made up our Organising Committee, thank you for staying together and working together to give us a wonderful “Malam YKKRM”

On behalf of YKKRM Datuk George Ginibun and Trustees of YKKRM , we are proud to share the camaraderie of Fellow Rotarians as we hope that we shall continue to be more involved with Rotary Clubs in Malaysia in Service. We hope that YKKRM will continue to be a partner to all Rotary Clubs in Malaysia and move towards being a more progressive Yayasan that is powered by the support of Rotarians and Rotary Clubs in Malaysia.

If there was any shortcomings, please accept my sincerest apologies .

With that, please accept my thanks again for supporting “Our Malam YKKRM” and to the Organising Committee and Partner Clubs, thank you for showing YKKRM that “TOGETHER” we can make it happen!


PDG Kirenjit Kaur

Organising Chairperson

Our Malam YKKRM- 8th December 2018


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Conglatulation OC PDG Kirenjit Kaur and the team!

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